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For those looking to learn to solo skydive, we recommend contacting your local skydiving facility for information on AFF (Accelerated Free-Fall School). Your ultimate objective should be to obtain the A-License because it never expires. Consider beginning your journey with a tandem jump before attending ground school. To prepare for AFF, study page 17 of the The Tunnel Book and schedule 10 minutes of indoor skydiving to practice neutral flight and controlled turns. Additionally, read the entire Skydiver's Information Manual to excel.
FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
All FAA Manuals

USPA - US Parachute Association
Skydiver Information Manual

Instructional Rating Manual

Skydivers Competition Manual

Governance Manual

S&TA Handbook

A License Proficiency Card

A License Proficiency Card 2-page

B Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card

B-D License Application

Membership & Rating renewal Application

Application College Club

Application Foreign Affiliate

Application Group Membership

Application S&TA Waiver

Application Waiver Request

Award CRW

Award Record

Award Tenure

Award Wings

Proficiency Card AFF

Proficiency Card Coach

Proficiency Card Examiner

Proficiency Card IADSL

Proficiency Card IRM Evaluation

Proficiency Card Judge

Proficiency Card Military Transition

Proficiency Card PRO

Proficiency Card Tandem

Demo Insurance

Incident Report

Parachute Rigging
Parachute Rigger Handbook

Racer Packing Video

Poynter's Vol 1

Poynter's Vol 2

PIA Service Bulletins

Tandem Systems
Sigma Tandem

Sigma Service Bulletins

Strong DHT

Strong TNT

Strong Service Bulletins

Wings Tandem

Wings System

Wings Service Bulletins

Sport Systems

Aerodyne Service Bulletins


Glide Peregrin



Infinity Service Bulletins

Mirage G4.1

Mirage G3

Mirage Trap System

Mirage Service Bulletins

Parachute Systems

Parachute Systems Service Bulletins

Racer 2k3

Racer Reserve Packing Video


SunPath Split Collins Lanyard

Sunpath Service Bulletins

UPT Vector 3

UPT Mutant Harness

UPT Reserve Packing

UPT Service Bulletins


Wings Service Bulletins

Main Parachute
Packing Instructions

Psycho Pack

Psycho Pack Video

RDS Instructions

Automatic Activation Devices
Cypres 2

Cypres 2 Service Bulletins

M2 Multi

M2 Service Bulletins

Vigil Cuatro

Vigil 2+ Multi

Vigil 2+ Xtreme

Vigil 2+ Service Bulletins

Alti2 Atlas

Alti2 N3

Alti2 Neptune 2

LB Alfa

LB Ares II

LB Echo

LB Optima I

LB Optima II

LB Protrack I

LB Protrack II

LB Quattro

LB Solo I

LB Solo II

LB Viso II

Parasport AltiXl

Parasport AloXsl

Parasport Altitron

Parasport NeoXs

Indoor Skydiving
The Tunnel Book

Advanced Canopy Piloting
Mr. Silky & Mixed Vertical Piloting Manual